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Double Headed Sheet Metal Cutting Nibbler

Power Drill Convert To Sheet Metal Cutting Nibbler Attachment  (YT-160A)

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You can start cutting any kind of metal the easy way and in a fraction of the time. Presenting the Nibbler which simply attaches to any electric or battery drill and turns it into a metal cutting tool.

The Nibbler can be used free hand or bench mounted. It will cut mild steel, stainless steel, colour bond and corrugated iron quickly.

On colour bond (corrugated iron) it will not scratch the paint, no sharp edges, and no sparks. It doesn't generate heat so rust will not occur unlike when using the grinder.

Widely used by plumbers, roofers, car restorers and the DIY sector.

The Nibbler allows you to cut guttering, trim deck, mini orb and car body work with ease. You can cut out internal holes for down pipes, sky lights chimney flutes and more. You start in the middle of a sheet, drill a 10mm hole, place the head of the Nibbler in and start cutting away.


  • The Nibble can be used to repair rusty old corrugated water tanks, farm sheds and even cut out peep holes for silos.
  • The Nibbler will handle all profile on car body work. Repairs on floor pans, firewalls, rear parcel shelf and guards will be easy.
  • Great if you are modifying a motor home, camper trailer or adding accessories to a caravan.
  • Do this job safely with out jaggered edges.
  • Putting in side windows, vents and skylights will be simple.

The Nibbler clamped onto a workbench, allows the operator to use both hands on the material being cut.

1.Unique Twin Cutting Heads.
2.360 degree changeable direction at operation with a minimum cutting radius of only 24mm
3.Power Source-electric or pneumatic drill should be 8mm chuck and speed of 1,500 to 3,000RPM
4.This tool will cut intricate patterns without leaving burrs and sparks in Steel, Iron, Copper, Aluminum & Plastics
5.Allowable Thickness for cutting is as follows:
Ordinary steel plate-----------1.8mm
Stainless steel sheet-----------1.2mm
Copper sheet-----------------2.0mm
Aluminum sheet---------------2.0mm
Plastic sheet------------------2.0mm

Handy steel storage case including

  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Plastic handle
  • 1 x Replaceable cutting blade
  • 1 x Combination hex wrench
  • 1 x Replaceable cutting blade guide
  • 1 x Nibble

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Power Drill Convert To Sheet Metal Cutting Nibbler Attachment (YT-160A)

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