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Manual Or Pneumatic Oil Fluid Extractor

Manual Oil Fluid Extractor With Brake Bleeding Kit 7L (MOE7L)

  • Condition: Brand New
  • Save Money, Simple Effective, Quick!!!!
  • Just a few strokes is all it takes to create a vacuum!!
  • Oil/Liquid Extractor you can change your oil in a matter of minutes without crawling underneath the car! Avoids searching for drain plug keys and getting under the vehicle.
  • Just slide the suction tube down your dipstick holder, pump the handle to create vacuum inside the chamber, and in a matter of minutes, all of your oil will be sucked out of the sump! Use it to suck out heavy transmission and differential fluid, gear oil, antifreeze, brake fluid or power steering fluid!
  • Place withdrawal probe in dipstick tube and begin pumping.
  • Pressure relief valve allows handle to return to carrying position for ease of transportation.
  • Pouring spout allows for clean transfer at a proper disposal facility making recycling easy.
  • Capacity: 7.0 Liter
  • Suitable also for low viscosity fluids
  • Expert Quality, ideal for one person operation.
  • For the extraction of oils from motor vehicles, motor bikes, marine engines, gearboxes, generators etc.
  • without the removal of the oil drain plug.
  • Supplied complete with 4Pcs 0.9M of suction tube and 1Pc 1.2M Brake bleeding kit

Please Note: Not for use with gasoline, fuels or Contain corrosive fluid


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Manual Oil Fluid Extractor With Brake Bleeding Kit 7L (MOE7L)

  • Product Code: MOE7L
  • Item Location: Malaysia
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  • MYR 279.00

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