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6pc Screw Extractor set

8Pcs Large Screw & Water Pipe Extractor Set (50DS508)

  • Condition: New
  • Each of the 8 extractors has a left hand screw thread, used to remove screw, which have lost their shape making it difficult to remove the screw with a screwdriver.
  • It can also be used to extract a stud or bolt which has been rung or rounded, simply drill a hole through the centre of the bolt and tap the tap the extractor in to the hole thus removing the bolt without damaging the thread of item the bolt was screwed in to.
  • This really is the quick and easy way to remove broken, Screws, Pipes, Bolts and Studs
  • Size no. SE1 to SE6 Remove Screw, Bolt & Stud
  • Size: no, SE7 & SE8 For plumbers to Remove water Pipeline such as broken tap, angle valve, shower arm


Size No. Diameter D1 to D2 Overall Length
SE1 2.5mm - 4.0mm 52mm
SE2 3.4mm - 4.8mm 57mm
SE3 4.4mm - 6.3mm 66mm
SE4 5.3mm -7.3mm 77mm
SE5 7.4mm - 10.3mm 85mm
SE6 10mm -14.2mm 93mm
SE7 11mm -18.5mm 94mm
SE8 16mm - 24mm 103mm

Please Note: Storage Case may Broken during shipment


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11Pcs Broken Bolt Screw Extractor With Wrench Set (SE11S)

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