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Hand Mitre Shear Beading Angle Cutters 40mm

Mitre Shear Fillet Shear Angle Shear Beading Trim Cutter 50mm (81BS236)

  • Condition: New
  • Mitre shears are used for cutting materials at precise angles, with minimum effort. used for things like tile trim, PVC seals, Wiring PVC trunking,Gasket, laminate beading or decorative moulding.
  • The Mitre Cutter is an essential tool for any woodworker or tradesman who needs to cut 45 degree mitres in small mouldingson a regular basis.
  • For perfect mitre cuts of seals, mouldings, beadings and weatherseals
  • Base also has markings for cuts of angle degrees.
  • Similar to a garden shear, the built-in fence allows you to cut mitre joints quickly, easily, and with accuracy.
  • Not only used by hobbyists, this tool has an essential place in many trades from finish carpenter to concrete former.
  • Makes quick work of cutting shoe moulding and chamfer strip
  • Can be used to cut mouldings at 90 degrees up to 10mm thick
  • For battens at 45 degrees the maximum thickness is 15mm and 35mm wide
  • Left and right hand use With stop faces at 45 degree.
  • Suited to mitre cuts in tiling sealing strips, wooden battens and decorative trim strips
  • For use with wood, PVC, synthetic and leather.
  • Max Cutting capacity: 50mm
  • Overall length: 220mm
  • Weight: 360gram


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Mitre Shear Fillet Shear Angle Shear Beading Trim Cutter 50mm (81BS236)

  • Product Code: 81BS236
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