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BMW Flywheel Holder Tools

BMW Mini Flywheel Locking Tools (4146)

  • Condition: New
  • When replacing timing chain, this tool will lock the flywheel.
  • It helps to remove and tighten central bolts on vibration damper.
  • BMW M47T2, M47TU, M57T2, M57TU, M67, N45, N45T, N46, N46T, N51, N52, N53, N54, W17.
  • Also fits BMW Mini engine: W17
  • When replacing timing chain, it can block flywheel.


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BMW Mini Flywheel Locking Tools (4146)

  • Product Code: 4146
  • Item Location: Malaysia / Import
  • Availability: 20
  • MYR 399.00

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