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Extendable powerful Wheel Lug Nut Wrench with 4 size Socket

Telescoping Energy Saving Power Wheel Nut Wrench Set (RT-J15)

  • Condition: New

Your factory lug  wrench can't loosen stubborn lug nuts?  because of its short length, just doesn't have the leverage needed to "break" loose your lug nuts when you need it most! This Extendable powerful Wheel Lug Nut Wrench can extends to a whopping 500mm to multiply your leverage so you don't need to be a gorilla in case of a flat tire emergency!  Comes with two flip sockets to fit 17mm, 19mm, 21mm and 23mm lug nuts socket.

 Perfect for aftermarket wheels with minimum clearance between wheel and lug nut. Wrench extends to 500mm, closes to 380mm for storage.

  • Made from tough chrome vanadium steel
  • 360Degree Swivel L-Wrench
  • Suits all 4 main wheel nut sizes: 17, 19, 21 & 23mm
  • Compact storage length of only 380mm
  • Twice the torque of a standard lug wrench!
  • Telescoping handle extends to 500mm for maximum leverage and maximum torque
  • Removes the tightest lug nuts in the tightest spots effortlessly!
  • Can also be used and Fit with any 1/2"DR Thin Wall Wheel Sockets / Lug Socket Key (Not Included) to the Power wrench Handle in case for sport rim lug nut in space limited


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Telescoping Energy Saving Power Wheel Nut Wrench Set (RT-J15)

  • Product Code: RT-J15
  • Item Location: Malaysia
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  • MYR 39.00

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