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Portable Diamond Selector II Moissanite Gemstone Tester

Diamond Selector II Tester & Distinguish Moissanite Tester Set (DTIIMS)

  • Condition: New

Set Contents:

  • 1Set x Diamond Selector II Tester
  • 1Set x Moissanite Tester

Step To Use Tester

  • Step 1) Use Diamond Tester Selector II, it's function like a Filter (selecting) Real Diamond & Moissanite out, now you have Diamond and Moissanite on hand, next step
  • Step 2) Use Moissanite tester to Distinguish Between Diamond And Moissanite, now get result which is real diamond


  • If jump to step 2 (without Use Diamond selector II) use Moissanite tester to test between diamond and crystal, the tester result is same as diamond, because Moissanite tester only test between real diamond & Moissanite
  • If use Diamond selector II without use Moissanite tester, you get the know is Diamond, but the Moissanite will be same result to diamond,. so you need Moissanite tester to Distinguish Between Diamond And Moissanite, to get which is real diamond.

Description: Diamond Tester Selector II

  • Diamond Tester accurately measures the thermal conductivity of the gemstone to determine whether it is a diamond or a diamond stimulant.
  • This diamond tester WILL NOT identify synthetic Moissanite which has a similar thermal conductivity to a diamond.
  • Easy operation. LED light and audio result indication.
  • The red light will be showed and the audio indicator will sound "beep" if It's diamond / Moissanite is real.
  • With a metal alert (Continuous buzzing sound: when user accidentally touches metal rather than stone), designed to reduce the possibility of a false positive reading caused by touching the metal holding the stone Metal alert
  • Simple calibration for stones of various sizes.
  • Light weight, matched with a convenient carrying case.
  • User manual is included in package.
  • Use on any shape: tapered, meleed, round, square, rough, etc.
  • Can detect any size: from 0.02 carat and larger (follow settings).
  • Dual indicator: by a sound signal as well as a light up level meter display featuring segments in green, yellow and red ranges.
  • Adjustable: sensitivity can be varied according to the size of the stone and the ambient temperature.
  • Totally portable: battery powered for complete independence and reliability.
  • Supplied with one 9V battery
  • Included Metal stone holder for loose stones.
  • Black protective carry pouch.
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 1.5 x 0.875 inches.
  • Weighs only 64g

Moissanite Tester (MTEST)

  • Condition: New
  • Moissanite tester, for many professions including antique jewellery dealers and diamond sellers & buyers.
  • This tester is to test for the new threat to the jewellery trade, the moissanite stone.
  • Compact and slim line for easy carrying and use and very easy to operate.
  • Comes in  pouch and requires 1 x 9v battery (Included).
  • This tester is used after a positive testing with a diamond tester.


  • Moissanite Tester
  • Pouch Protection Case
  • Loose stone base holder
  • Instruction Manual
  •  9v Battery



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Diamond Selector II Tester & Distinguish Moissanite Tester Set (DTIIMS)

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